Race From the Finish

Race from the Finish (Soft Cover)
Race from the Finish (Soft Cover)
John Powers is passionate, insightful and protective of everyone from his disabled sister to an abandoned puppy.  John is also intensely driven.  Since his first soapbox derby at age eleven, John has desired to break into the NASCAR circuit of the 1950’s.  

With support from Pop, his mentor and family friend, John cuts his chops on the emerging dirt tracks near his hometown of Pittsburgh and soon moves into the Midwest Associate of Race Cars’ new car circuit while barely out of high school.  His personal disappointments and setbacks only make him more determined in his chase for Victory Lane.  

The pursuit is costly.  As he matures into one of the greatest racers of his time, he looks at those people who have helped him reach his dream and values them only for how they support his quest.  Years later, elderly and dying in the hospital, no one comes to his side.
While anticipating a visit from his estranged son, the hospital calls a code yellow:  John Powers has disappeared.  Where he ends up provides the chance to alter his life’s course… if he is willing to change history.
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