Diane Dignan Children's authorDiane Dignan is a woman of several talents, chief among them being pure determination and a strong distaste for the phrase, ‘It can’t be done.’  BARTHOLOMEW’S GIFT is a story that slowly revealed its message to a writer intent on sharing it and willing to search out and utilize the most exceptional talent possible in its creation.

Over a span of two years came a plethora of talent: musicians, a narrator, editors, a publisher, producer and an incredible illustrator to bring the story to fruition.  These artists appeared one by one to add their contribution to what the writer hopes will be a poignant message to enlighten your soul and touch your heart.

Diane has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil and form a complete sentence within the lines on the page.  Somewhat of an idealist, she likes to believe her readers will gain insight and understanding by sharing in the experiences of her characters.  While you may be entertained for a while, her desire is that you will come away stronger, more at peace, and feeling better about yourself and the people who fill your days.

Children’s stories, short stories and poetry have all made their appearance over the years, but Diane’s favorite genre is novel writing. Nothing brings more pleasure than several hours lost in the creation of a story.  Her adult novel, THE BOYS’ CLUB, has received favorable reviews and is enjoyed primarily by women from teenagers to grandmothers.

A native of Michigan, Diane resides with her husband and a few over-indulged kitties.  When not working or writing, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, knitting, and trying to keep up a measure of dexterity on the violin.