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Bartholomew’s Gift by Diane Dignan

AwBartholomew's Gift Book and Audio Narration CDard-winning picture book is a treasure for all ages!

Bartholomew is born with a gift that others do not understand, the ability to see angels! He grows to deny his experiences until the gift disappears forever. Or does it?

The story and the angel’s message, shared in song, remind us that we are “cherished in God’s eyes.’ Beautiful illustrations by Wendy Edelson and CD narration make this hardcover book a special gift.

In Praise of Bartholomew’s Gift


“The illustrations are breathtakingly beautiful, and greatly detailed, nicely rendering the nuances of the story. The colors are bold and beautiful, the characters are depicted with charm, and the backgrounds are full of detail that will have readers returning to the book again and again.”


“The writing is lovely: lyrical and poetic, with gorgeous, original phrasings. The imagery is lovely, too, especially the thought of the pretty lady wrapping her wings around Mommy and Sarah.”


“The ending is especially poignant and very, very beautiful.”


“The CD adds charm and life to the entire story. The music chosen is gentle and pretty (especially the beautiful lady’s song); the narration is also gentle, adding warmth to the tale, as well as a bit of drama.”


-Writer’s Digest


Accolades for Bartholomew’s Gift

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